Unlock the Horror: Mad Angel Films' Black Friday Fright Fest!

Unlock the Horror: Mad Angel Films' Black Friday Fright Fest!

Greetings, Fear Fanatics! Prepare for a spine-chilling cinematic experience as Mad Angel Films welcomes you to our blood-curdling Black Friday Sale. The shadows are deep, and the discounts are darker – dive into the abyss of horror with over a Dozen Films slashed to a bone-chilling 50% OFF! 💀

Terrifying Deals: 🍿 Blu-rays: $9.99 📀 DVDs: $4.99

But that's not all, horror enthusiasts! The macabre magic extends with FREE SHIPPING on orders over $50. Your chance to own the nightmares is now at your fingertips, but beware - this sinister sale vanishes into the shadows at midnight on 11/28.

Unleash the Terrors: 👻 Explore the eerie corners of our collection, from psychological thrillers to paranormal nightmares. Each film is a gateway to a world where the unknown lurks in every frame.

How to Join the Horror Brigade:

  1. Visit www.madangelfilms.com – your portal to the supernatural.
  2. Browse the spine-tingling selection.
  3. Fill your cart with terror.
  4. Checkout before the clock strikes midnight on 11/28.

This Black Friday Fright Fest is not for the faint-hearted. Embrace the darkness, stock up on your favorite horror films, and let the nightmares begin. Your private horror screening awaits – are you brave enough to enter?

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