About Us

Mad Angel Films is a community filmmaking group from Central New York that was founded in 2007.  Over the years hundreds of people have come together to create several film projects.  Our motto is Semper Creante, or "always creating".

To this date, Mad Angel Films has made 21 feature films including: Brackish, The Abandoned, Star-Cross'd, Seize the Day, Three Days In The Woods, De Profundis, Get Outta Dodge, Night Run, Stone, Half Dead, Savage Christmas, Slade Collins and the Tree of Life, Brackish (remake), Slade Collins In and Out of Time, Romeo 3000, Barely Coping, Radiant Dark, The Man With No Pants, Three Days In The Woods Killin' Time, Axegrinder 666 and Big Brood. 

Our goal at Mad Angel Films is to create a environment that brings together, actors, directors, crew, musicians, and artists in an environment that will let them express their creative sides. We have been the driving force and leader of filmmaking in our hometown of Utica, NY for the last 16 years. We have led the way for many young artists and filmmakers to make films in our area and continue to help and support their growth as we together, are all building a strong film community. Our own personal goal is to tell amazing entertaining stories and pushing the boundaries of filmmaking while working with very low budgets. It is our hope that we continue to make films to entertain you all for a long time to come.