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Graveyard Shark Preorders

Graveyard Shark Preorders

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PREORDERS Ship 7/19/2024

Blu-Rays $19.99, DVD $14.99 and VHS 39.99

Collector Box 59.99 
This exclusive collector box comes with a copy of the movie Graveyard Shark on Blu-Ray! The Collectors Box is signed by the cast of the movie, filled with collectors' items, from exclusive pins, art prints, soundtrack, a booklet about the making of the movie and more! 


"Graveyard Shark" is a gripping horror film set in the small town of Willsboro Point, haunted by the terrifying urban legend known as the Graveyard Shark. This humanoid creature stalks its prey in the town graveyard, striking unexpectedly and leaving a trail of blood in its wake. Abby Wescott, a renowned cryptid hunter, is called in by Dr. Jan Lovnik to uncover the truth behind the urban legend. As Abby begins her investigation, she learns about the creature's dark origins from Captain Issac Seyburn, who was present on the night the legend began. Together, Abby and Seyburn team up with a group of Graveyard Shark survivors to put an end to the creature once and for all. But as they journey deeper into the graveyard, they realize that the Graveyard Shark may be more intelligent and cunning than they could have imagined. As the body count rises and the stakes become higher, Abby and her team must confront their deepest fears and fight to survive against the deadly Graveyard Shark.

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