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Mad Angel Films

"Big Brood"

"Big Brood"

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Big Brood Blu-Ray 

Film Description: Get ready for an unforgettable Fourth of July in "Big Brood"! Adam's plan to propose to Allie hits a snag when he must win over her skeptical dad and survive a wild family gathering.
Little does this family know that a much bigger problem crashed down in the woods the night they arrived: a big, body-snatching, hive queen alien, and it’s looking for its perfect match. Soon enough, the alien will take the family members one by one.
Adam will have to team up with Government Agent Owens to take down the alien, rescue his girlfriend, and save the rest of the world. 
  • Deleted Scenes
  • "Fake Booty Clap" Music Video
  • Cast & Crew Interviews
  • Trailers 

Disc Specs:
2023 • Color • 90 Mins. • Horror • Not Rated • Region Free BD-25 (MOD) • 

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