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Killin' Time

Killin' Time

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Members of the true-crime podcast, “Killin’ Time”, set out for a weekend in the Adirondacks to investigate the scene of the infamous Darien Cross cult killings from a decade ago. It was rumored that there was one survivor, who killed Darien, but his body disappeared, leaving no trace and was never recovered. The group has also brought along Ariella, the sister of the sole-survivor of the killings, for the adventure and fun. While the podcasters are there looking for good material for their podcast, Ariella is there to look for answers.

However, the group is not alone in the woods; Mistress Morgan and her two evil bunnies have an agenda of their own and it is “pure evil.” As members of a coven, the women seek to resurrect Darien Cross so that he can continue his path of terror and destruction.

Will Ariella find the answers she’s been looking for and have closure on the past? Will the cover resurrect a psychotic killer? Will the podcasters have content for their podcast? 

One thing is for sure; it’s Killin’ Time!

Tentative Extras
-Behind the scenes look
- Feature Film Three Days in Woods

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