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Star-Cross'd is a tale of two lovers who have made a promise to meet again, defy fate, and change the stars to be together. Destiny though, has different plans. Gwen is a young school girl out to meet her true love, which she finds in Aiden, an assassin trying to escape his brothers shadow. Their families are at war to gain control over each others territory in a bitter mob rivalry. A plan of unification, put forth by Marcus, Aiden's brother, will enable him to become crime lord supreme and merge the two families. His proposal is marriage to the rival boss's daughter Gwen. Aiden is sent in to her high school to keep an eye on her. But when they meet, memories of a past life return and their love grows. What will happen when the deal falls through and Aiden has to kill the girl he loves? Will they find away to defy fate, change destiny and move the stars? Or will fate find away to rip them apart again?

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